1. Every pupil should reach the school promptly. A late comer, should get the permission from the Principal.

2. At the first stroke of the bell at 8.30.m, each pupil should be in his place in the classroom and should maintain strict silence.

3. On all the working days and during the school functions, the pupils should wear the school uniform. It should be neat and tidy.

4. Pupils should not abstain themselves from attending the school. If necessary they should apply for leave in advance with the Parent’s signature.

5. If a pupil is absent for 15 days continuously without permission he/she would be considered left, and the name will be removed.

6. Pupils are advised not to wear costly jewels, watches, etc.

7. Pupils demeanor towards their parents, teachers and all elders, both inside the school premises and outside, should be courteous.

8. Pupils should not cause any damage to the school property and the school building. Any damage done will be penalised in the form of fine as per the discretion of the Principal.

9. Pupils shall be held responsible for the articles brought to school by them.

10. Pupils are strictly restricted to purchase any eatable sold anywhere near the school premises.

11. Within the school premises, English must be the only mode of communication.

12. During the school hours, the students will not be permitted to meet either their parents or their relatives.

13. Pupils who fail to appear for any examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined.

14. Pupils should follow orderliness inside the school premises.

15. Whenever a teacher enters or leaves the classroom, the pupils should stand up as a mark of respect, and they should greet/thank the teachers.

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